Hitchcockian Reality

I have seen the whole Alfred Hitchcock Presents… series and I love it. The stories are great and could even possibly happen but I usually am just glad to be entertained. If these things never happened, who cares? Cool stories come from the imagination anyway.

When looking at this case, this feels very Hitchcockian as it’s just the sort of thing that old Alfred would do to rev up the suspense. I can see the guy burying his wife and then the chest pains start and he agonizes about covering it up while still saving himself and ultimately failing. I am sorry for the victim of course and send prayers to the family but this story is unreal. Read on…


4 thoughts on “Hitchcockian Reality

    1. Oh, for sure. He’s my favorite director. He always knew where to put the camera. His shows and movies are incredible. I wish he were alive to read this story. Haha.


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