My Interview with Sherri L. Hollister!

Hey, there!

I’ve had the pleasure of being interviewed by romance writer Sherri L. Hollister.

We talk books, writing and whiskey!


4 thoughts on “My Interview with Sherri L. Hollister!

  1. This is a great interview! One of the things I appreciate the most about your Fairfax and Glew stories is that they’re humorous and tend to be about more ordinary types of crimes. There’s still plenty of action, but it’s kind of refreshing to have a crime series that isn’t automatically focused on murder.

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    1. Thank you so much! Yes, and I think focusing on the smaller stuff is more relatable. Most of us haven’t had close ones murdered (I hope) but I think most of us have had things either stolen or damaged. Thanks so much for your comment! Very encouraging!

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